Tales from the Funkadelic Ferret

Here’s Part 1 of “Tales from the Funkadelic Ferret”, which I’ve been making with members of Misfits Theatre Company, a local theatre group led by people with learning difficulties. We premiered it in Aardman Animation’s screening room last Friday, hurray!

and here’s Part 2! Who will win the Funkadelic Ferret Pub quiz hosted by Dr Who…?


Misfits Aardman Screening Day!

Tomorrow we’re all off to Aardman Studios for the Gala Premiere of the animation I’ve been making with Misfits Theatre Company over the past few weeks! We’re all terribly excited – the visit includes a tour round the studios as well. I’m not allowed to sneak any of the animation onto my website before the screening, but here’s Linus, one of the stars of the film relaxing and watching some of the rushes…