Small World Cinema

Welcome to Small World Cinema!

Here are child and family-friendly animations facilitated by Small World in collaboration with people from all over our community during the past twelve years. Most are made by primary age kids, and I’ve been pleased and a bit fascinated to see they are very popular with toddlers and pre-schoolers! Take a look, they are so charming and funny – and clever 🙂

“Rocket Rabbits!”: Very silly and funny animation I made with a group of super-creative kids in Bristol. This started life as a smart alec remark from a smart alec kid when I asked what we should make an animation about – “Rabbits playing football on the moon!” he said – so that’s what we did. Featuring Rooney Rabbit, Space Gangster Chickens and Laser Squirrel, you have been warned!
“Vernon the Vampire”: one of my all-time favourites ❤ I made this with a group of profoundly learning disabled and life-limited children at Acorns Children’s Hospice in Birmingham. Ably assisted by staff and volunteers, they produced an absolutely adorable vampire movie! Only they could have pulled that off.
“The Eggsellent Egg Movie!”: another bonkers-barmy animation made over two days with a group of lovely, creative kids above a toyshop in Bristol. An egg-swapping caper featuring jet-skiing dinosaurs and a very incompetent private detective 🙂
“Fish and Ships”: based on historical fact! Teignmouth fishermen did sail to North America to fish for cod in the early 19th century and Napoleon did have a submarine!
“Where the Wild Things Are”: One of many collaborations with musicians from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, this project was a real treat 🙂 (as were all the CBSO projects I worked on).
Another favourite made with Year Ones at Upton on Severn Primary School, who created the whole film from story, right through puppet and set making to filming. It was quite an achievement for 30 lively six and seven year olds, but they really nailed it. Such a pleasure 🙂

Acorns Children’s Hospice Selly Oak with another brilliant cutout animation, this time a music video to Hank Mizell’s classic “Jungle Rock”. We got a Vimeo Staff Pick when I posted it there!

“Tales From the Funkadelic Ferret” Part One: a very sophisticated and funny animation featuring multiple points of view from the members of the wonderful Misfits Theatre Company in Bristol. All their own ideas, stories and characters. Part Two below 🙂

“Tales From the Funkadelic Ferret” Part Two – Dr Who chairs a Pub Quiz! 🙂