“The White Frontier”

This was a really interesting piece to work on –  a monoprint based on the Inuit exhibit at Exeter museum – it’s part of  group entry with Double Elephant Studio for a show there. The exhibit is pretty small, but contains amazing things like waterproof parkas made entirely from seal gut, plus toys and artefacts made by Inuit people in the 19th century using tusks and bones. Nothing wasted!

Doing more research online I came to understand the ultimate impact of contact with European traders and explorers which the print I made is based on. The Inuit have lost so much, especially in the past 100 or so years.

Christmas Decs at Magic Carpet

OOh! Just slightly late with this post… :/

We made some fab Christmas decorations at Magic Carpet in December last – reindeer xmas baubles, some xmas angels also for the tree, and handmade wrapping paper (the pic is the one I did as an example for the guys 🙂 Everyone was very chuffed with what they made !

Lumen Nature Prints and Painting

The beautiful sunny weather in Honiton yesterday was perfect for a nature walk and creating lumen prints 🙂

Using just sunlight, the lumen prints were made by exposing leaves, twigs, grasses and flowers onto black and white photography paper for just a few minutes. A quick dip in fixer and the images are set.

The Imaginary Library

And we’re off! I’ve started planning in earnest for my latest project “The Imaginary Library”. It’s a children’s show, and will feature puppetry, projection mapped animation and a live score. I’ve managed to get a crack team together so it’s all quite exciting 🙂

Concept drawings below – now for the Arts Council application. Chocks away!