Here’s the great little animation about fishing off Newfoundland that we made at Teign Heritage Centre at Easter – who knew about the man-eating sharks and hat-wearing octopuses!! 🙂

Small World’s AWESOME Comics Club is now held once a month on Saturday mornings!! Check back here to find out upcoming dates. Comics are great for reluctant readers and writers, as well as helping to develop imagination, creativity and visual literacy. COME AND JOIN OUR MERRY BAND!! (It will be even more awesome if you’re there!! 🙂 (Click here to see a Guardian piece about comics and learning.) get in touch if you would like more info.


Small World is Claire Evans, a South West-based artist, specialising in creative learning through animation, drawing, illustration and puppetry. I have over 10 years experience  facilitating creative workshops for people of all ages and abilities – but specially children, in particular those from economically and socially disadvantaged areas, and children with special learning needs. I am a committed community practitioner and proud to be so. I run lots of different kinds of creative learning workshops, including:

  • 2D and 3D stop motion animation
  • Illustration
  • Drawing and Comics – including Big Draw events
  • Shadow Puppetry – including (the very exciting) 3D shadow puppetry
  • Slide-making and projection
  • Model-making and Crafting

All these workshops are excellent fun with a meaningful sprinkling of education. Small World workshops have been recognised as helping children with written, verbal and visual literacy, confidence-building, self-led learning, teamwork and – naturally – developing children’s creativity. Recent work has included two animation projects for Daisi (Devon Artists in Schools Initiative) and The Light Works Project, a large-scale arts project which I devised and ran in Bristol last autumn, thanks to the funding I gained from the Arts Council, Bristol Neighbourhood Partnerships and the Institute of Physics. Featuring Shadow Puppetry, including 3D Shadow Puppetry, Slide Making and Projection, Black and White Analogue Photography and Projection Mapping, it was EPIC!! The feedback was great and lots of wonderful, creative work was made by local children. For more information check out  The Light Works Project website.


4 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hello Kat, thanks for your message, I don’t have anything planned at the moment, but what I’ll do is send out an email asking if people might be interested in me running some workshops during those two weeks.

      Hope you and Sonny are both well!

      x claire

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