Bristol Festival of Puppetry “Excitement at the Bottom of the Garden!”

I had a fantastic time working at Bristol Festival of Puppetry last weekend running the excellent “DIY Animation Workshops” at Watershed Cinema. So many thanks to everyone who came along, and my fantastic BFP helpers, not forgetting the awesome Rachel McNally who programmes and organises the whole festival (don’t know how she does it…)

Here is the edited and soundtracked version of the animation we made in the morning session – it’s amazing! All characters made and filmed in under 3 hours. Crikey! Hope you like it!



The Big Draw!

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ll be running this year’s Big Draw at the M Shed in Bristol!! Well, not just me, I’m working with the wonderful Rachael Dadd, a much-loved and admired contemporary folk musician. What some people might not know is she’s also an amazing artist – which I did know because we were at art school in Winchester together just over 10 years ago.

So do come along, it’ll be great!  It’s on October 27th from 10am-1pm and 2-4pm. We’ll be thinking and drawing lots of stuff themed around the idea of “Future Bristol”, so come and make wishes to hang from a Future Wishes Tree, invent and animate your own future transport machine, design a future house, and (fingers crossed if we can get the parts in time!!) draw with a Squigglebot, which is a kind of home-made drawing robot.

Rachael’s also writing a song for the event to inspire us all… Lovely!

ramm bd 03
A lovely monoprint portrait from a previous Big Draw (not of me or Rachael…)

Hamilton House Doodle Lounge

This was lots of fun! I organised a Doodle Wall complete with live acoustic guitar, Small World TV (some animations I’ve facilitated on my old Emac…) and CAKE to make a Doodle Lounge – it was part of Hamilton House Open day last Sunday. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it, and it kind of (unsurprisingly really) turned into the kids’ area for the afternoon!  here are some photos of the event including some pics of some specially nice doodles: