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New Pork, New Pork!

Here it is, the great new animation we made at Bournville School Weston Super Mare as part of the after school club and XTND project. The premiere is this afternoon, and we’re even having popcorn! 🙂

Bristol Festival of Puppetry “Excitement at the Bottom of the Garden!”

I had a fantastic time working at Bristol Festival of Puppetry last weekend running the excellent “DIY Animation Workshops” at Watershed Cinema. So many thanks to everyone who came along, and my fantastic BFP helpers, not forgetting the awesome Rachel McNally who programmes and…

Professor Crackpot’s Holiday!

Here it is, guys! Sorry for the long wait – hope you enjoy watching it, and really well done for all your hard work and creativity!!

Felix Road Adventure Playground

I’m in the middle of an exciting animation project at Felix Road Adventure Playground. Everyone’s doing really well – here are a few early tests with cutouts and models made by the kids!

Rocket Rabbits & the Space Chickens!

Here it is, guys!! Well done and hope you all enjoy it!   You can download it by clicking on the share button at the top of the video x        

Tales from the Funkadelic Ferret

Here’s Part 1 of “Tales from the Funkadelic Ferret”, which I’ve been making with members of Misfits Theatre Company, a local theatre group led by people with learning difficulties. We premiered it in Aardman Animation’s screening room last Friday, hurray! and here’s Part 2!…

Misfits Aardman Screening Day!

Tomorrow we’re all off to Aardman Studios for the Gala Premiere of the animation I’ve been making with Misfits Theatre Company over the past few weeks! We’re all terribly excited – the visit includes a tour round the studios as well. I’m not allowed…