DIY mobile tripod for video calls!

Lots of us all over the planet are shut in our homes, but still need to communicate with our friends and family – wherever they are, so here is a neat little solution for holding the phone while you speak!

First you need a cardboard-type coffee beaker.

Get a grownup to help you cut two small triangles out of the beaker, one on either side.

And that’s it – you are hands-free to skype, facetime and zoom away with your friends! 😉

This also makes a perfect stand for making animations with your mobile, using lego characters, sylvanian families or whatever you have, with the Stop Motion Studio app – Free to download on iphones/ipads/smart phones/tablets 🙂 Go to your Apps hub and look for this logo.


I’ll be posting more about animating with your phone soon, stay tuned!


And, ok, I have to admit, I didnt think this up myself! So here’s the video by CNET I got the idea from – plus a couple of others. Get creative and have fun at home! 🙂



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