“The Girl Without a Face”

I’m starting work on a new stop motion music video – very exciting – for Max Simpson & Sam Owen, aka Two Dogs and members of Birmingham indie gods Pram.

So chuffed to be asked to work for them again!

Very much a noir-spooky vibe to this one, hoping to achieve lots of lush, dark textures and chalky whites..

Will keep you posted 🙂

“The Creepy Library of Birmingham”!

Well, I don’t know what you’re up to this summer, but I’m going to be delivering 42 half day workshops in Birmingham’s libraries,  all based around the theme of “The Creepy Library of Birmingham”. It’s going to be an amazing project, and I’m very excited about it.. it’s linked to this year’s national Summer Reading Challenge, called “Creepy House”. I’ll put dates and venues up soon, and if you’re in Brum this summer (and not Brazil or Mongolia like some of you…) then come and have a go at animating some very creepy characters!