A Polar Bear in the Snow

I’ve never “advertised” anything on my blog before, but this new picture book by Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris is gorgeous, both thoughtful and beautiful. What must it be like to be a polar bear, and where is this polar bear going? In this book Mac and Shawn create a magical starting point, leaving us to go on and explore the polar bear’s life in our own minds and imaginations.

Mac Barnett’s text is sparse and crisp, with lots of space, just like the snowy arctic landscape, while Shawn Harris’s cutout and torn paper illustrations give a wonderful visual interpretation of the polar bear’s world. It really is a magical book 🙂

It’s published by Candlewick in the US on 13th October and available to order there from super-friendly Copperfield Books. Out in the UK on November 5th, you can preorder through your favourite local bookshop, which in my case is the brilliant Harbour Bookshop in Kingsbridge :).

If you love Polar Bears and want to learn more about them, see below to download my free Creative Learning pdf full of information about their lives – including a link to a Polar Bear tracker way up in the far north of Canada.

Have fun and learn stuff! 🙂

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