Big Hands in Little Candy Land

I was lucky to be invited to work as the illustrator for a new storytelling and literacy project here in Bristol recently. It’s called The Inventive Inventors’ Inventory and is currently based at the new J3 library in Easton. For the first session (and the opening of the brand-new library) about 12 children came along and in a session jointly led by Rebecca Tantony and Robin Etherington, wrote the story of an evil princess and her sidekick who plan to take over Candy Land by poisoning all the children. It’s a gruesome premise for a children’s story, but totally  in line with the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Anderson! I frantically sketched characters and story ideas and below you can see the finished illustrations. The text and illustrations will be printed as a book and distributed to all the children who participated . NB there is a cliff-hanger ending here – during the session the children got to this point in the story and then each went off and wrote their own endings, which all be published in the book, each with their own illustration.

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