Upton Animation Project – Days 4 & 5

Last week was particularly busy, as we spent one day in the classroom making our animation, and another on a field trip to @Bristol! We were all terribly excited about the field trip – you can have a look below at some of the amazing things we did while we were there!

On Thursday we did some more work on the animation that we’re making… First of all we watched two film clips featuring monsters. One was from “King Kong” (the original version from the 1930s) and “My Neighbour Totoro”, a Japanese animation by Hiyao Miyazake. We discussed the way animation and live action film is combined in King Kong, and how “monsters” aren’t necessarily nasty in My Neighbour Totoro. Here is the King Kong clip we watched:

Then we finished off writing our story (but we don’t want to give the game away yet!), finished making our characters and set about designing the boats for our characters to sail down the river in. Here are some of our designs:

Princess Boat design

Viking Boat design

The next day we all travelled (by bus) to Bristol to go to the @Bristol science museum. There’s lots of animation to do there as well as lots of other things. Here we are blowing giant bubbles and looking at ourselves in distorting mirrors!!

Giant Bubbles!

Distorting Mirrors… Crazy!

Looking forward lots to our next session this Thursday!!

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