Upton Animation Project – 2

Yesterday was a very busy day for us all. We watched some more animations, including “The Clangers” and “Komaneko”, which everyone enjoyed very much.

While we were watching we looked out for the different ways that you can express yourself without words, for example with the expression on your face and the tone of your voice. Then we practised making expressive faces and sounds, before going on our second activity, which was making our own sketchbooks with lots of different types of paper – these are for drawing and writing ideas for our animations. Here we are using them:After that we did some more character designing and made up some stories for our characters. We did this in the sketchbooks we had just made.

While we were all working on our characters and stories some of the children chosen with the “Pot of Fairness” as  news reporters for the day came round and took photos of us and recorded interviews with us about our project:

Then we were all pretty tired so we went out and ran around then Miss Lacon read us a story!

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