Special Educational Needs

Small World is very committed to running Animation and Visual Arts activities for people with special educational needs. I have formed a close working relationship during the past few years with Acorns Children’s Hospice in Selly Oak, where I have run regular two-day animation workshops with staff and children there. They’ve made some great work. All the children, some of whom are profoundly disabled gain something from the sessions, even if it’s just to experience the sensation, colour, texture or sound of the wide variety of materials I use in the workshops to engage and stimulate them.

Less profoundly disabled children, with more or less support, are able to participate in making characters, props and backgrounds, and devising stories, helping with the filming etc. The staff really enjoy it too! It seems to be a very therapeutic activity for everyone!

If you would like to run an animation (or visual arts) project for children or adults with special needs, please do get in touch. Go to  Contact to send a message.

Here’s one of my favourite films that we made:

2 thoughts on “Special Educational Needs

  1. Hi,

    Do you go to peoples homes and teach one to one please? I have a child with Aspergers who is flexi schooled and I am trying to put together a curriculum for next year !


    Josie Belasco

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