Primary Schools

Animation in Primary School Education

Small World has extensive experience of working in educational settings, mainly with Primary School age children. Her projects show children how to design and make an animation from A-Z, starting with ideas generation, then moving on to character designstory and script buildingmodelmaking and setbuilding, then animating and filming.

Because making an animation involves so many different processes Small World projects, which are very much child-led, make significant impacts on the following areas of children’s learning and development:

• Literacy – written, verbal and visual

• Independent thinking and learning

• Problem solving

• Risk taking

• Creative thinking

• Digital media/IT

• Creative making – craft and fine-motor skills

• Team working

• Decision making

• Confidence building

Projects can be tailored to cover specific curriculum requirements of  Keystages 1 and 2, and be spread over just a few days or months depending on schools’ budgets and requirements, with additional CPD for staff.  Small World provides all her own equipment and materials, including scissors, glue, card and paints if needed.

Small World’s own academic background brings additional educational benefits to projects, especially in terms of verbal and written literacy, as well as all-round general knowledge. She holds a BA in French and Spanish, and an MA in Critical Theory and worked for 5 years in dictionary publishing for HarperCollins and Larousse before retraining as an artist. If you would like a copy of my CV please go to the Contact page and send a message. Thanks!

Small World also runs After-school and holiday projects. Click here for more info

If you would like more information about Small World school animation projects please go to Get in Touch and send a message.

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