Drop-in workshops


Animation drop-ins can be themed around special events and festivals – past events have covered everything from 2D cutout “Hamster Beach Parties” in fabric collage, to 3D stop-motion Pre-historic Sea Monsters made from modified fruit and vegetables “swimming” at the bottom of the sea!

Visual Arts

Visual arts drop-in workshops can also be themed and involve making anything from puppets, kites, hats and masks to large-scale banners and collaborative collaged murals. I always aim to provide a wide range of exciting and stimulating materials to give participants the opportunity to make something really creative, original and fun that they’re proud to take home.


Small World also specialises in drop-in drawing events and in 2006 co-organised a Big Draw day in Exeter that went on to receive an award .  (I was lucky enough to get to meet my hero, illustrator Quentin Blake when I went to pick up the award in London!) So please do get in touch if you want to organise an exciting, stimulating and engaging day of “unusual” drawing activities.

Small World can provide all equipment and materials for the workshops including all technical equipment, paper, glue, scissors, pens, fabric modelling clay etc – whatever’s required to make the workshop as exciting, fun and accessible as possible.

If you would like more information about Small World Drop-in Workshops please  send a message via the contact page, or call 07746326860

2 thoughts on “Drop-in workshops

  1. please can you put the animation that was done on the 28 of august at a workshop in wardend library on your website because the children are keen to see it again and want to show their parents. Thankyou

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