The Creepy Library!

Hello Creepy Library Animation Peeps! Here are your brilliant little animations altogether in one place. Sorry you’ve had to wait to see them finally online but it’s been a busy old time here at Small World Heights. I’m now starting to take bits of your animations to make a longer film that tells the story of what exactly went on in the Creepy Library when Alex, Saima, Briana and Harley went for a visit. Check back here in a few weeks time to see it!! (And yes, I know your films have uploaded in reverse order, Z-A instead of A-Z… 🙂

And here it is – sorry for the wait! The final cut of the Creepy Library… I’ve taken around 8-10 of your clips and edited them into a final story. I hope you enjoy it!

Well done all of you who took part, I had a really excellent time working with you all, and was super-impressed with what talented, creative and imaginative kids are hanging out in Birmingham Community Libraries!

2 thoughts on “The Creepy Library!

  1. Great and very creepy animations, Claire – looks like a busy and productive summer in Brum! I will take care next time I go to the library…

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