Animation Project with Magic Carpet

This was so much fun, and everyone made brilliant characters to go in our animations. Here for your delight and delectation is “The Adventures of Robin Hood!” Β Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Announcing the Big Draw in Teignmouth!

The Big Draw at TAAG in Teignmouth is starting on 14 October with exciting exhibitions, screenings and workshops for everyone!

Come and make your own animated superhero at the Comics Club animation special, find out how we made the intriguing animated drawings and paintings on show, or make your own box-car chevvy and motor along to the kids drive-in movie! Details below – and get in touch via email πŸ˜€

Bristol festival of Puppetry – Your Stop-mo Animations!

Hi Guys, here are your animations. I’ve put them up on Youtube, I hope you like them!

If you were in the morning session click HERE

If you were at the afternoon session click HERE

I had a great time working with you all, I hope you had a lot of fun too! πŸ™‚


Stop Motion Workshops at Bristol festival of Puppetry!

What a blast we had at BFP!! Two sold out stop motion workshops at The Watershed in Bristol Β and lots of creativity and brilliant characters with a bunch of very imaginative and creative kids πŸ™‚

Animations coming soon, here are some photos from the day, courtesy of the lovely Alena who helped out brilliantly during both sessions!

Arts for Wellbeing Project

Over the summer I’ve been working on a really interesting pilot project for Magic Carpet at Ide Surgery in Exeter, based on evidence that creativity and arts activities have a big part to play in wellbeing.

Every Thursday afternoon for six weeks I’ve set up a small table with printing equipment in the surgery reception area and invited people to take part and make a small nature monoprint while waiting for the doctor or nurse.

Some people declined, but chatted about hobbies and pastimes, while many, aged anywhere between 4 and 90 were happy to have a go, and very pleased with what they were able to produce in the ten minutes it took them to make their print.

I gained lots of useful insights during the project, and the hope is to set up a more permanent arts for wellbeing project with the surgery, which from chatting to patients and carers would be very welcome and highly beneficial.


Family Doodle-Oo!!

Last kids workshop of the summer, folks! Come down and doodle a giant monster on the wall, film animated doodles in a paperback book and doodle your own take-home cardboard chicken 😊

Samurai armour workshop

That was so much fun! Well done everyone who came, you all did brilliantly. And here are the photos to prove it πŸ˜€