Samurai armour workshop – in cardboard!

OK, am starting to get quite excited for next week’s CARDBOARD SAMURAI ARMOUR WORKSHOP!! Here’s a pic of an early prototype, now to decorate it with all manner of things – bubble wrap, fabric, cardboard and plastic recycled bits and bobs…

Come down to TAAG next Wednesday morning if you want to join in, but please BOOK FIRST as it looks like it will be busy 🙂

And LADIES it’s not just for the boys, there were WOMEN SAMURAI WARRIORS too!!

Get in touch if you need more info and to BOOK. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Small World Summer Art Club at TAAG!

Wahoo! It’s nearly time for the summer holidays, and Small World is bringing you some cool arty activities to keep you amused 🙂 Ranging from animation and comics to puppetry and cardboard samurai-armour making, you should find something that makes you want to get creative!

Get in touch to book and for more details.

Hope to see you there (or on the beach!)  🙂