2D and 3D Stop Motion Animation

****Please note: I am not currently available for in-person workshops****

I have over ten years experience running stop motion animation workshops which can be anything from a one day drop-in or taster session to a large scale project spanning several weeks or months.

What it is:

Stop motion animation, if you’re not sure what it looks like, can be in 2D flat like “Noggin the Nog” or “South Park”, or 3D like “Wallace and Gromit” or “Trumpton”. I run workshops in both types – if you have a large number of participants then 2D is quicker and more straightforward. 3D is more involved because you have to make a 3D character – ten or twelve participants is about the maximum for this activity.

Types of workshop

One day drop in:  These are fast, furious and heaps of fun, and usually 2D.  Participants get to make a simple jointed character out of card and then animate it against a pre-made background. These are generally non-narrative as it is hard to get up to 200 people to make up a story together! They’re great for museums, libraries, galleries, schools and also community events, festivals etc. Price £300, including all materials and equipment.

One day booked:  These are usually booked, and can be 2 or 3D style. Children stay for the day, bringing a packed lunch and snacks etc, and by the end of the day have created their own character and made up a joint story which has been animated and filmed. Hectic, but lots of fun! These workshops are ideal for museums, libraries and galleries and other institutions that want to engage and develop their appeal to children. Price £300, including all materials and equipment

Four to ten day animation projects:  Aimed at schools in particular, these projects are great if you want in-depth learning and other benefits such as improving verbal, written and visual literacy, increasing confidence and developing teamwork. Over the course of the project the participants will invent and make their own characters, work as a team to write a story, make their own backgrounds and props, then finally film and animate it all. These projects have given excellent learning results in the past, and been very successful at reaching and engaging “reluctant learners”, particularly young boys. Groups work best with a minimum of ten participants and amximum of thirty. Prices start at £600 for four days and £800 for six days. More details available on request.

2D Drop-in Workshop

3D One day Booked Workshop

2D School Project